The Kawasaki Kids Foundation is committed to creating awareness of Kawasaki Disease, raising funds for research and educating communities and medical professionals on the signs & symptoms of a potential Kawasaki patient. The Logan Family started the Kawasaki Kids Foundation in 2013. They recognized the great need for awareness after their 3 year old son, Cooper, was misdiagnosed with an appendectomy, later told he had a nasty virus, and then finally, correctly diagnosed, with Kawasaki Disease, but it was too late. Cooper’s late diagnosis resulted in a giant aneurysm developing on his right coronary artery. His life of anti-coagulants and heart surgeries would have been avoided if he was treated within the first 10 days of symptoms.

Kawasaki Disease was discovered in the late 1960’s by Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki. Today, it is still unknown what causes the number one acquired heart disease in children under 5 years old. In addition, treatment and long term care for children with long term KD heart problems is unpredictable. Funding is needed to support the research and development for the cause and treatment of this disease. Until then, 4,200 children a year will continue to live with the effects of Kawasaki Disease. Please join the Kawasaki Kids Foundation in raising funds and creating awareness, saving one heart at a time!


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