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My son was 1-year-old when the first symptom showed up. Started like a little rush in his hand. Seemed like a allergy. Then came the fever. His fever was not so high. About 38C. Vir was constant. Toke him To the doctor and the first diagnostic was escarlatina (sorry, I don’t know the name in English). Hi started To take antibiotics. He was very angry and cried all the time. Came back To the doctor (two different doctors) and they didn’t change the diagnostic. At the fifth day after started the antibiotic the doctor asked To left my baby at the hospital. My city is little and my husband and I felt that something was very wrong. Decided To go To a big city, SÃo Paulo. In the emergency room the doctor told us for the first time about Kawasaki Disease. Seven days after the first symptoms He was treated with immunoglobulin. Today he goes to the doctor each three months and takes AAS.

Misdiagnosis & Treatments

Escarlatina treated with cefalexina

Diagnosing Hospital

Hospital Infantil Sabara

Treatment Plan


Most Recent Update

Improve of his coronary dilatation

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Age at Diagnosis: 1

Day of Diagnosis: 7

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