Meet Gabriel

1 chest X-ray
1 ultrasound of all lump nodes
1 visit from the ear nose and throat doctor
1 visit from the cardiologist
2 echocardiograms
2 rounds of steroids
2 rounds of IVIG
3 urine tests
3 weeks of fevers
4 visits from the rheumatologist
5 undiagnosed trips to the doctors
5 bags of fluids
7 days in the hospital
16 visits from the hospital pediatrician
20+ blood draws
20+ doses for aspirin, Tylenol or Ibuprofen
60+ times blood pressure, heart rate and temperature taken

The pain that I have felt, I have never felt before ~ Gabriel

Misdiagnosis & Treatments


Diagnosing Hospital

Bellin hospital Green Bay WI

Treatment Plan

IVIG and steroids

Most Recent Update


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Age at Diagnosis: 2

Day of Diagnosis: NA

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