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My son got Kawasaki Disease the first time when he was 20 months old. He had the full works, red eyes, swollen lymph nodes, rash all over the body, fever that would not break, fatigue, red strawberry tongue and cracking lips. Although I had brought him in almost immediately when he first started his KD with only a fever and fatigue, it may have been too soon because his Pediatrician said it was just a virus and to treat it with Tylenol and to call him if it got worse. Well, it got worse, THAT night, so I had to make a call to him over the phone and let him know that a rash was breaking out all over his body, and was told it was Roseola and not to worry just treat it with Tylenol. It wasn’t until a few days later on a Monday morning did he get so bad that I just had to bring him in to see any available pediatrician. We were lucky to have had another more experienced Pediatrician (who wasn’t ours but was on call that day) who immediately diagnosed it as KD and sent my son and me straight to the ER for treatment. His Pediatrician later apologized to me for not catching it sooner. Needless to say, we switched pediatricians to the one who caught it. Anyways, we were hospitalized from December 23rd-28th 2013 and spent his 2nd Christmas in a hospital. He had mild dilatation in 2 of his arteries and had multiple sedations for echocardiograms (due to his age).

He had his second encounter with Kawasaki disease in early June of 2016. This one was incomplete, so it was very difficult to catch. But because of my strong hunch and another professional specialist, we were able to catch it in time. I brought him to his pediatrician a couple of days after he got a fever that just would not go away and he started getting fatigued and not like his normal hyper self. So the Pediatrician did the nose swab test, and it just showed a virus (cold). He also reassured me that it was almost 100% unlikely that Jasper could have KD a second time. It got worse that night, so I took him to the ER. Spent a good few hours there waiting and having them run blood, urine and saliva tests which all came back showing just a virus (cold). They were almost going to send us home and just tell us the same thing to keep an eye out for it and give him Tylenol suppositories. I had to really push my concerns to the the ER doctor who I am so grateful for her concerns and care because she made a call to the Infectious disease specialist and they talked and decided to have Jasper come in for an ECHO reading the next morning. So the echo was done, and another dilatation was discovered. He was treated immediately for KD again. The specialist said that they would have missed it had it not been for the echocardiogram that proved it was KD because of the dilatation.

So my son is a two-time survivor of KD. He has had about ten echocardiograms and will continue to get checked up every year. He is super happy, go- lucky, energetic, enjoys laughing, running around making silly faces to make other people laugh and just is just a charismatic, strong little boy.

Misdiagnosis & Treatments

Roseola was initially diagnosed the first time.

Current Condition

Currently healthy with monitoring of heart once a year check up with a specialist.

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Age at Diagnosis: 20 months, and 4 years old.

Day of Diagnosis: 9 & 7

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