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My daughter just got diagnosed Friday night, 12-22-17, with Kawasaki Disease. How it started was with a mild fever on Monday and then we went to see the doctor Tuesday and she tested positive for strep throat they gave her antibiotics but I was only able to get one good dose in her because Wednesday when she woke up she was very irritable fussy and would not take her medication her fever was 102 I couldn’t break it then Thursday morning we woke up with her eyes being bloodshot so I took her back to the dr and they just gave her a penicillin shot and suppositories for pain well Friday morning her lips her chap and still had a fever so after work when I picked her up she only had one pee output and her hands was swollen I brought her add mediately to the hospitals did they admitted us now we are here waiting on to see if her treatment worked. It just amazing to see that not a lot of people know about Kawasaki Disease and to think now my daughter has it and we don’t know the outcome

Misdiagnosis & Treatments

Strep throat

Current Condition

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Age at Diagnosis: 2

Day of Diagnosis: 5

Fever, Body Rash, Red Eyes, Red Swollen Hands, Red Swollen Feet, Strawberry Tongue, Irritability, Lack of Appetite

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