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On August 16th, 2005, Connor was finally diagnosed after a 3 week battle of constant 104.5 fevers. Many DR visits(special thanks to my friend/nurse Amy H) for the support during those crazy office visits. We finally were sent to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and within hours, Connor was given an ECHO and a diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease with multiple giant coronary aneurysms. As a receptionist in a medical clinic, I knew all about the medical terms that were thrown at us the next 11 days of our hospital stay. Every day he could have a heart attack , but thru love, support, and a great Dr and Nurses at Children’s, Connors still going strong, although his heart could fail any day. We dealt with a leg fracture the summer before kindergarten, and in Nov 2015, a brain bleed. We can never thank our family and friends enough for all love and support thru the years. Many kids like Connor are lucky- early diagnosis and NO heart involvement, but many have heart issues and some don’t make it (#MightyMax), but the word needs to spread on getting these kids diagnosed quickly. Please share this message. On January 26th please wear RED in Honor of Connor and all our fellow KD kids out there.

Misdiagnosis & Treatments

Was ill for 3 weeks before finally getting diagnosed.
Has multiple giant coronary aneurysms.

Current Condition

Is stable. Stress test with breathing test was done and came back good. ECHO in 6 months again.

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Age at Diagnosis: 5 months

Day of Diagnosis:

Fever, Irritability

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