About Kawasaki Kids Foundation

Hi, my name is Cooper

I am a Kawasaki Disease survivor!

I love motocross, baseball, football, and basketball. In September 2012, my life changed, and I became very sick, running a high fever for over 5 days, vomiting, swollen red lips and bloodshot eyes. The doctors said I had a nasty virus and couldn’t determine what was wrong with me. By the time the cause was found the damage was done.

I was diagnosed with a heart disease known as Kawasaki Disease. It is the number one acquired heart disease in children under the age of 5, but can also occur in children less than 2 years of age and older than 5 years old. If detected within the first 10 days, the condition can usually be treated with some success. Because I didn’t receive the necessary treatment within 10 days, I developed two aneurysms on my coronary arteries. One of these is so large it is considered giant and now requires a life of anticoagulant medications and an inactive lifestyle.

My cardiologist, Dr. Jone, says not only will I not be able to play the competitive sports I was born to play or ride motocross like my boy, Ryan Dungy, I will likely face multiple heart surgeries throughout my life. I have since been diagnosed with kidney failure due to medications I was taking for my aneurysm.
If this disease is caught in time, it can be treated, and children go on to live full, active lives. I want parents, grandparents, and all family members to be familiar with the signs and symptoms that accompany a potential Kawasaki patient.

Your support in educating others on the signs and symptoms of this disease will truly make a difference in saving lives. It could have changed mine!


Our Mission

Build a friendly and knowledgeable community to help save kids hearts and cure Kawasaki Disease by increasing awareness.

Our Vision

Create national awareness of Kawasaki Disease, find a cure of through research, support families by creating a supportive network, and educate families, communities, and health care professionals.

How the Kawasaki Kids Foundation has Made a Difference

More Than


Raised Since 2013

to support families of diagnosed children and help fund research for a Kawasaki Disease cure

At Least


Children Saved

have received an early diagnoses and avoided long-term heart damage because of the foundation’s work and events



Symptoms Posters

have been distributed in the United States and Internationally


5K Races in 2019

to support families of diagnosed children and research toward a cure



5K Participants

have ran in the Kickin’ Kawasaki 5K Fun Runs that are organized across the United States




have been distributed to diagnosed children by doctors and nurses