Over the past month you may have or may not have noticed some minor changes to the Kawasaki Kids Foundation. We are not talking about what we do, who we do it for, our purpose, or the simple fact that we are here to fight Kawasaki Disease (KD) and to save kids’ hearts around the world.

What we are talking about is our look. A refreshed, simplified, kid approved look. Kawasaki Kids Foundation started in 2013 by the Logan family after their 3-year-old son, Cooper, was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease in 2012. Cooper was diagnosed at 12 ½ days which is outside the critical 10-day window (which to be honest that critical window can now be as little as 5 days). Cooper was misdiagnosed multiple times, and then finally, correctly diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. Unfortunately, it was too late and Cooper’s diagnosis resulted in a giant aneurysm in his right coronary artery. The Logan family knew they could make a difference by starting and running a foundation to help support research, awareness, and affected families.

Over the past 4 years the foundation has grown little by little (still lots of big rocks to climb) because of the overwhelming support from Kawasaki families and those close to, from across the nation. The community support, Facebook likes, website visits, event participation, donations, and more continue to take us forward. As we move forward we want to look like the foundation that at the center is a place for kids and their families.

“It is important to me that we are a friendly and knowledgeable place for Kawasaki Disease families to turn to, and I wanted to make our look reflect that a little more,” mentioned Shawn Logan, Executive Director/Founder about the foundation’s refreshed look.

During and after diagnosis families are frustrated, scared, have crazy amounts of unanswered questions, and the foundation wants to be the place they turn to. We are here to provide information, share stories, build a strong community, help raise awareness, support affected families, and help fund continued research. To be able to do that successfully we have to be current, we have to shine light, and be a little flashy—too many are still unaware of Kawasaki Disease and we have to change that.

The look may not mean much to most. You may be asking why spend your time on changing your look. We were able to refresh our look and logo without a big cost (thanks to many who volunteer their time) and need to make sure we stand out in the crowd. We need Kawasaki Disease posters to be noticed. We need our events to attract more than just those that are affected. We need to continue to raise money, so we can do bigger projects across the nation.

It is time to make more change and stand together to fight Kawasaki Disease for the brave kids with strong hearts that we all know and love. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon.

Introducing Our New Look                                                                                                       A Look At The Past



Our Vision

The Kawasaki Kids Foundation vision is to create national awareness of Kawasaki Disease (KD), to find a cure of KD through research, to support KD families by creating a supportive network, and to educate families, communities, and health care professionals about KD.

Our Mission

Build a friendly and knowledgeable community to help save kids hearts and cure Kawasaki Disease by increasing awareness.

Where does money raised go?

35% research – 35% to increasing awareness – 30% operation costs and program material production


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  1. My son had Kawasaki Disease a couple of years ago. I am interested in starting a Kawasaki Kids chapter in Texas. Do you have information on becoming a chapter?

    1. just noticed this comment so sorry for the delay. We don’t have any satellite chapters of the Kawasaki Kids Foundation. we do however have a 5k race coming to the Houston area. Would love to meet you there. – Shawn

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